• 1 Samuel 17:1-19:17

David was a shepherd before he was ever a conquerer. He came to the battle with Goliath with a servant’s heart. He battled, not out of selfish boasting, but out of service to God. His humility in the field led to humble conquering on the battle field.

What battle are you facing? I admit, when I prepare before God in the quiet, the battle flows smoothly like a stone from a sling shot. There may still be nerves, still wide-eyed taking in of the giant before me, but if I prepare with God, then I know Who delivers me. But when I so arrogantly attempt to enter the field on my own, I take the armor of another and try to fight a battle in a way I was never designed to do.

Boldness on the field comes from assurance built in the quiet. Honor the quiet and He will be honored in your battle.

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