• Psalm 59
  • 1 Samuel 19:18-21:15

The king of the land, his best friend’s dad is out to get him. David’s life in jeopardy with the king seeking his death, retreats to the One who delivers. Saul calls David to the throne and it seems the danger is passed, but Saul changes again and David runs.

Back and forth. Never sure how this round will end, David continues in the path before him. Though he struggles with the confusion of it all, he continues to seek God’s will in the matter. Even in his questions, David pleads for God’s insight.

When the road before you seems to keep rounding back to the same place, take heart. God does not lead us where He cannot protects us. He gives abundance where there seems to be naught. Seek Him in the confusion and His way will be made known.

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