• Deuteronomy 34:1-12

God gave Moses a glimpse of the future of the people he led for so long. Though God would not allow Moses into the Promised Land, He knew Moses’ great love for the people. Any great leader will tell you they just want the best for their people. A great leader looks at the horizon, tries to predict obstacles and opportunities, and goes in the direction best for the group, the company, or the family. Moses was just such a leader.

And when the leader’s time to move on comes, he just wants to know that the people will be okay. Moses accepted the consequence of his rebellion and knew he, himself, would not see the land. But his heart would still want the best for his people.

Moses knew God “face to face,” as verse 10 describes their relationship. God knew Moses’ deep longing for his people. And so God’s great compassion brought Moses to the mountaintop one more time. God’s grace gave Moses a sight to behold before Moses would leave the earth: the future of his people.

Moses made a mistake with significant consequences. But God did not abandon him, and even gave him a picture of the blessed future ahead. Whatever burden you carry, whatever sin or consequence has you fearing there is no more blessing for you, remember Moses. God never gives up on His people. There is blessing still for you.

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