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  • Joshua 9:1-11:23

The account of the Gibeonites deceiving Joshua and Joshua making an agreement without consulting God paints a real picture of the deals we strike with idols. The idols dress themselves up as the solution to our problems, the answer to our prayers, and the reasonable extension or deserved reward of our work. On goes the face paint, the smudges, the clothes, all perfectly chosen to trick us into believing they come on behalf of the God we serve.

And we trust our human mind more than our sovereign God. We rely on reason, feeling, or even arrogance believing we know what God wants without actually allowing Him to speak on the matter. We believe the lie and make agreements that will ultimately destroy us.

That thing you want so desperately? The one that you believe like the persistent woman before the judge that if you just pray harder, sacrifice more, it will be yours. And one day your definition of “it” comes walking in the door. Your jaw drops, your pulse quickens, and you are sure as ever that *this* is your deliverance. You believe God has walked the answer to your prayer right through your door. So you take it.

And God weeps as you rely on an earthly thing to deliver you from a spiritual situation. He waits, as the prodigal Father, for you to realize your mistake. And His grace abounds when you lay down the idol, turn around, and follow Him again. A little bruised and sporting a limp, but you follow Him, realizing there truly is no other place that brings the peace you so deeply desire.

Leave the Gibeonites to their own devices. Lay the idol down.

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