• Joshua 14:6-16:10

God gave His families plots of ground. The people entered the promised land after times of war. Their wearied bodies having seen God’ magnificence deliver them time and again. And He gives them land in which to dwell. Each family a section. Each section next to another family’s section. Neighbors and yet still responsible for their own section of dirt.

Our life differs little. We may not own a plot of land, specifically, but we do have a calling to carry. We plat, we water, we sow, we eradicate weeds, we harvest, and we plant again. Some years we must allow the land to go fallow in order to rebalance our nutrients. But you have a plot of land.

Yet you are not alone in your cultivation. Your neighbors in this life farm next to you. Maybe you borrow a plow to help dig out a particularly stubborn boulder from the field. Maybe your neighbor yanks a weed or two on your behalf. Though your responsibility lies in your own plot, you have neighbors to whom you are responsible as well.

Look around your own plot. What plot has God given you? What neighbors has He provided? Do not worry about next year’s crop or the weather ahead. You have a plot of land; it is yours to tend.

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