• 2 Samuel 12:15b-14:33

David’s mourning over his ill son fascinates me. During the illness, David lay prostrate and fasting. Others’ counsel left unheeded, David begged the Lord. Thinning, weakening, and focused, David persisted. His grieving and begging so profound, his own people feared what he would do should they tell him the son had died.

Yet David surprised them. He heard the whispering, the change in tone of the servants’ chatter. He asked the question they all feared to answer: “Is my son dead?” A feeble, “yes” emerged from the gathered. They feared his transformation at those words. He did transform, but did so in a way that surprises.

He got up, washed, ate, then worshipped the Lord.

The wailing did not increase. The begging did not turn to demanding answers. The mourning ceased, the worship began.

The Lord took the life precious to David. And David’s response was to praise Him. For David knew that continued mourning could produce nothing good. David knew the Lord’s decision was final and David would be wise to move forward in that knowledge.

We would be wise to do that same. When God declares “no,” we need to stop begging, stop pleading, wash up, and get ourselves worshipping. This marked difference from the expected reveals a depth of trust in the Holy God Whose decisions are good. Without speaking words of faith, David’s actions showed plainly that his trust remained in God.

We would be wise to do the same.

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