• 2 Samuel 21:1-22

Community can be a powerful thing. Amid the foibles and idiosyncrasies, a united community brings protection, wisdom, and dare I say it, fun. A group committed to fighting with and for one another can rarely be beaten by the struggles of life. Encouraging, uplifting, and even nudging one another back on the narrow path, a strong community sees the bigger picture than what might be immediately before their eyes.

The community around David, his mighty men of war and valor, kept the bigger picture in mind. They knew David’s place, not only as positional king, but also as figurehead for the nation, was more critical than David’s pride. No warrior wants to see the day when he is no longer fit for battle. He will endure grueling day after day as his body wears down, but to admit it is time to pack it in can be horrendous. Unless the community steps in. With honor fit for a king, the men of David ensured the light of Israel would not snuff out, and they did so by asking the king to stay home from battle.

The community saw the bigger picture. They took the necessary steps to keep the vision alive, even when it meant benching their king. Find yourself this kind of community; be humble enough to listen to their wisdom should they need to ask you to be as David.

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