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  • 1 Chronicles 22
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Calling. Purpose. Talent. Gifts. A hot topic in Christian circles, yet something we can lose so easily. At times I confuse my skills, which are abilities developed, with my calling or talent, which are things given by God. Yes, we need to nurture and grow talents to fulfill our calling, but the root of it is something we cannot create on our own.

I have musical talent. However, I have piano-playing ability. Playing the piano is something I enjoy, it helps relieve stress, and it fills my musical cravings. However, it is not a talent in and of itself. My mother however, is a brilliant, talented, gifted pianist. She can create symphonies from a hummed tune. On the times when she accompanies me while I sing, we would sometimes stumble. Engrossed in the story I was portraying, I would sometimes get lost in the story she was portraying on the keys. We figured out that if I chart out the very simple notes from which I cue to know where we are in the song, we could bring our two stories into one. It gave me the structure I needed while giving her the freedom to play whatever struck her as beautiful and necessary in the moment.

I cannot do what my mother can do on the piano. There have been times when I have tried to serve the church as the pianist. And. I. Struggggggggled. It was an ability, and I could work on it, but it was neither my talent or my calling. I subjugated my teaching and writing because I thought that piano was a better talent. I took what I was given, and in my own insecurity, deemed it not enough. And. I. Struggled.

When the time came for David to tell Solomon of God’s plans for Solomon to build the temple, David shared an important piece of information with Solomon.

“Moreover there are workmen with you in abundance: woodsmen and stonecutters, and all types of skillful men for every kind of work. Of gold and silver and bronze and iron there is no limit. Arise and begin working, and the Lord be with you.” –1 Chronicles 22:15-16, NKJV

The laborers were there. Skilled laborer from every needed field. God provided by issuing separate callings and then bringing those callings together at the right time for the right purpose. If the woodsmen tried to be a stonecutter, the stones would not be what they needed to be to fulfill the House of God. If the stonecutter tried to be a linen-maker, the linens would be less than what God intended.

If you do not develop the talent God has given you under the calling He has placed on your life, His kingdom will be the lesser for it. Put aside insecurity and comparison. Use the gifts given and you will see your place in the great House of God.

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