• 1 Chronicles 23-26:19

It struck me today: we worry an awful lot about how the house of God will be cared for. Let me edit that: I have worried an awful lot about how the house of God will be cared for. I have worried about leadership, about organizational development, about communication methods, and conflict management in the church. I have concerned myself with how the church is portrayed and my role in that.

And it has been for loss. God did not appoint me to worry about His church. He called me to do my part. But the overall development of the church? That’s His gig? Who am I to believe that I should be worried about anybody else? Can I encourage them? Yes. Can I lovingly reprove when called to do so (when. called. to. do. so.)? Yes.

But the house of God is not going to fall apart because of me. Nor will it stand because of me. I am not the point of the house of God. Neither are you.

He is the point. He is the architect, the contractor, the builder, the electrician, and the landlord. He is designer, creator, and activities chair. The house of God will rise and fall as it is the will of the Lord Almighty.

I need only be concerned with my daily portion. When I am concerned with my daily portion, and you are concerned with your daily portion, it will all “magically” fall into place. Not because of you and me, but because of the One who built the house.

Worry not about what everyone else is doing. Handle your portion and let God handle the rest.

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