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“My tongue is overflowing in a good theme…I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever.” –Psalm 45:1, 17 NKJV

When making a sandwich, do you say “I would like a white bread sandwich” or “Wow, a wheat bread sandwich would hit the spot”? No, we call the sandwich by its interior: peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese. The interior of the sandwich gains our focus, but without the bread, it is not a sandwich. Without those two slices of bread, you simply have mayo on your hand with a slab of turkey. The bread keeps the inside neat and tidy. The bread holds it together so it can be more easily consumed. The interior may get the attention, but the bread keeps it useful.

Psalm 45 is an oppression sandwich. Reading it highlights the struggles the church encounters and the pleas set before the Throne. However, it is the beginning and the end that make the sandwich manageable. The psalmist begins with a “good theme” and ends with praise to extend through all generations. By starting and ending with the higher perspective of God’s worthiness for praise, the oppression and heartache in the middle seem easier to take in, cleaner to behold. Beginning and ending with praise, instead of having a mess on our hands, we accept the daily portion and remember the God who gave it.

Like a sandwich, though the turbulent times get most of the press in this psalm, it is the praise-bread that makes it bearable.

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