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  • 2 Samuel 5:1-7:29

David’s reign over Israel lasted forty years. Forty years of rulership. Forty years wearing the crown. Thirty years prior to that, he was a shepherd for a little bit, a warrior in training, and an outcast from the current reigning king. He failed miserably at times. He conquered mightily at others. One day he was an adulterer. Not many days after, he became a murderer. He begged for his son’s life, and he rose from sackcloth and ashes upon his son’s death. Like other humans, he likely picked up the sniffles once in a while. His warrior ways likely resulted in more than a few scrapes, bruises, gashes, and sprains.

He was an ordinary man. And he trusted God. You can slice one piece, one story of his life and make a whole judgment about him. You can whitewash his sins and call him a saint. You can ignore his faith and decry his adulterous ways. But the life of man is not a single slice. It is not social media updates and 140 character snippets.

The life of man is bigger. God designed up complex. He created us in His image. We are not simple. We are not one thing. We are capable of change. And we are capable of great damage. We have much to learn while having already learned so much.

Your life is greater than the slice that reigns at the front of your mind. You are not simple. You are not always broken, or always successful, or always faithful, or always a failure. The only thing you  always are is this: you are always loved by God. Some days you need to give yourself a break. And other days you need to get over yourself. And some days are just ordinary days.

In David’s 70-some years, he, too, had ordinary days. He had great days. He had fantastic failures. And he was still God’s chosen. Remember to take a step back and look at the whole of your life. And remember to give the same grace to others.

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