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  • 1 Chronicles 26:20-29:30

“Of the Hebronites, Hashabiah and his brethren, one thousand seven hundred able men, had the oversight of Israel on the west side of the Jordan for all the business of the Lord, and in the service of the king.” –I Chronicles 26:30, NKJV

Every year, about this time, I reflect on the year that’s past and look to the year to come. I identify areas that need improvement and figure out ways to do that. I find that times when *I* am the identifier, those things may improve with my intentionality, but they do not fulfill. Yet, when I bring my thoughts before the Lord and let them rest there, He may agree with me, or He may take me in a whole other direction, deeming that which I have called failure to be non-essential to His path for me.

One area the Spirit has stirred in my soul during the past couple of weeks has been resting. Like bread on the rise, I have left it alone to see what comes of it. I agree there needs to be change. But my past attempts at change fail again and again. This verse, having waited for guidance from the Lord, this verse gives me the direction I need.

The area in need of intentionality requires higher level thinking than I have attended to previously. And this verse gives me that framework from which to approach. Two levels of submission are highlighted here: 1) the kingdom business drives the work; and 2) service to the ruler of that kingdom directs the actions. If I approach my life in the same way, seeing the greater interactions as everything being kingdom business, and choosing individual actions based on whether they serve the Lord’s purposes, making change in this particular life area will be far less disjointed. Submitting in these two ways gives purpose and direction in the every day. Knowing that this purpose and direction come from the Father Himself, I can rest knowing that the decisions I make in this framework will bring the fulfillment I ultimately seek.

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