• Psalm 39
  • Psalm 62
  • Psalm 50
  • Psalm 73-76

We serve a covenant God. His praises endure forever. As I read these Psalms, I started rubbing my hands, a gesture generally indicating that I do not want my mind to wander so I get my hands busy doing something in order to focus. I asked God what He wants you to know, and it is this:

He is a covenant God.

What He promises, He will do. What He says will go. Whom He saves will be saved. He promises life to those that follow and separation to those that choose otherwise. He is the covenant God.

And though the psalmist in Psalm 74 asks God to respect the covenant, I cannot help but hear the words reverberating in my very soul. “Have respect to the covenant” (Psalm 74:20). The covenant that saved me out of my wretchedness. The covenant that made me wholly reconciled. The covenant that demands my obedience, my attention, and my whole-hearted devotion.

He is the covenant God. I am a person of the covenant. “Have respect to the covenant.”

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