• 1 Kings 6:1-38

I am struck. Stunned. So many materials went into building the temple. Oblige me while I list them, amazed by the complexity:

  • cedar
  • cypress
  • gold
  • olivewood
  • cut stone

The decorations ranged as well:

  • gourds
  • open flowers
  • cherubim
  • palm trees

One kind of wood would not do. One kind of decoration would not do. The Lord God Almighty, pleased with the temple, accepted many forms and decorations. His house was ornate, with diversity of material and carving.

How could His church, His human church, be any different? Each are called. Each are unique. We each have a place. You may not be cedar, but you might be olivewood. You may not be a cherub, but your open flower approach to life may be exactly what this temple needs.

Embrace the person God created you to be. That person is valuable to Him and to His church. Shine brightly in whatever capacity you are called, and you will contribute to the overall stunning beauty on that which He calls His church.

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