• 1 Kings 7:1-9:14

The attention Solomon paid to building his house resulted in a palace beyond what one could have otherwise imagined. If only we paid this kind of attention to building our own houses; not the house of brick and mortar alone, but the entire life experience. More and more I see people aimlessly living life, believing too much that believing alone will make everything work out. Hear me: Romans does say that God works all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. But 2 Thessalonians also says he who is not willing to work shall not eat. There lays a foundational reality that God gave us the responsibility to tend to the land and our lives (Genesis) which in no way diminishes the grace required for salvation which we cannot earn.

How are you tending to your life? What ways have you allowed negative inertia make a path rather than intentional focus? For me, I recently decided to learn about finance and investing. I had blindly taken advice from my retirement plan administrator which was good advice, it turns out. The problem was that I did not know if it was good advice or not. I really had very little idea whether what I was doing was going to get me where I needed to be for retirement. After much prayer and seeking, God showed me I needed to engage in the financial aspect of my life. I wasn’t in trouble, but I was also burying my head in the sand and just hoping for the best. Though I will never be expertly versed in financial markets, I can at least know a red flag when I see it. Yes, I believe that regardless of markets, God can provide financially. That does not, however, release me from the responsibility of understanding it for myself.

Where might you need to be more intentionally planful? Maybe that one behavior in your child that you know will be detrimental to them really does need your focused attention. Maybe that load repayment has gotten a little out of control and you need to ask for advice. Or maybe that neighbor you keep complaining about would be better served by a conversation than a cold shoulder.

Whatever it is, choose to no longer bury your head. Look up, discern the wise action, and take a step in faith. You will find that God is there.

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