• 1 Kings 9:15-10:29

“These were the chief officers who were over Solomon’s work: 550 who had charge of the people who carried on the work.” –1 Kings 9:23, ESV

Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, delegated. his vast work, the expanse of his kingdom, and the many massive undertakings given by the Lord and his father David, and Solomon knew he could not do it alone. He knew he could not even oversee all of it himself. Identifying chief officers to oversee the work was the only way the work could get done.

This challenges me. As I see the many projects and time commitments in my days, I wonder what I should delegate. Frankly, I also wonder which I should not undertake at all. I, and judging by the number of books on the topic, many others, struggle with staying clear on your purpose and saying no to those things outside of our purpose.

I believe that Solomon’s call for the kingdom would have been radically different had he not had the people resources to manage the work. Just as I believe that God has given each of us calling and purpose according to that which He has or will provide. God may give me something that is beyond what I can handle alone, and it may be required that I recruit others to join. Or in some cases it may be that I, myself, have identified something outside my ability, but rather than recruit others to join, I should probably let that one go. If it didn’t come from God’s storehouse for my life, then I need to be okay stepping away and either let others step in or let the thing fall completely.

Do you struggle with focusing your energies? Seek the Lord and learn what He would have you do.

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