• Ecclesiastes 5:1-8:17

“But this is gain for a land in every way: a king committed to cultivated fields.” –Ecclesiastes 5:9, ESV

Growing up as a “city girl” in a farming community (“city” being 2300 people), I learned a little about farming. In areas of dry-land farming, the farmers quite truly wait on the Lord for the weather they need to make the crops grow. As a church, we would sometimes pray for rain to help the crops sprout, or not rain so the sprouts wouldn’t rot, or snow to cover the planted seeds and protect them from the cold. Relying on the Lord to bring the harvest was a continual reality.

But this city girl didn’t quite understand the whole process. What exactly does a farmer do after planting the seed and “just waiting” for it to get to the point of being harvested? My understanding focused on the crop, not the cultivation. Though I still have city girl understandings, I learned there is much tending to do between the planting and the harvest. From machinery maintenance to weed control and protein measures and market watching, not to mention the decisions of when to sell last year’s crop should it have been previously decided to store at the harvest rather than sell. And don’t even start to talk about land acquisition decisions.

Solomon tells us gain for the land in every way happens when the king commits to cultivation. Though you may not be a farmer, how can you focus on the time of cultivation in your various life circumstances? What falls between the planting and the harvesting that needs attention and care? Commit to cultivating and the harvest will be that much sweeter.

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