• 1 Kings 12:1-24
  • 1 Kings 12:25-14:20

Chapter 13 shares a story of a prophet who spoke mighty words of God to King Rehaboam and successfully resisted the King’s invitation to eat, as was directed by God. Yet, it was another man of God who, using the same invitation, caused the prophet to stumble and to eat. This stumble resulted in his death.

Why was the prophet able to resist a king, yet the same invitation from the lying lips of another prophet so quickly changed his mind? I suggest he was on guard against the king. With powerful words and delivered action from God, the prophet knew what he had to say and do and carried it out. But after leaving, an older, perceived-to-be-wiser prophet came. Maybe the young prophet was hungry. Maybe he was reeling from all God had just accomplished with the king, replaying the events and analyzing each one. Whatever the reason, when a man of God purported to have a conflicting word of God, the young prophet caved and did the thing he knew God has specifically told him to avoid.

Be careful with your calling. Be careful to guard that which God has spoken to you. And if another comes with a different word, do not cave. Instead, be discerning, seek the Lord again and again and again until you are sure of His word to you. It just may be that those you perceive to be well-meaning are purposely lying. And it just may be that God is speaking a fresh word to you. But you will now know unless you seek the Lord.

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