• 1 Kings 20:1-22:50

The prophecy of the Lord declared Ahab’s demise. Ahab, knowing the men of war would pursue the man appearing to be king, tried to hide himself from inevitability. And yet, he still died. Instead of being struck down with the intentional aim of a soldier’s arm, he got hit by a stray arrow. Instead of going down fighting he went down hiding. Regardless of his attempts, the Lord knew where he was and did what was necessary.

The point is this: hiding didn’t do Ahab any good. The prophecies on your life may be for good or for struggle. You may have times of draught and times of plenty. You may face the life of Job with unanticipated twists and turns, including arguments with God, and ending awash in His blessing. Regardless of what life has in store for you, hiding from it will not make it go away. Stand up and take the tough times. Step up and take the blessings being offered. No longer cower in fear of the unknown. Trust your God and move forward.

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