• 2 Kings 2:1-5:27

Elisha knew. He knew his time with Elijah would be short, and he told those around him to be silent about it. He knew he should stay with Elijah, despite Elijah’s repeated requests that he stay behind. And maybe he knew he would be the next prophet in Israel. He swore to not leave Elijah as long as Elijah was there. Elisha acted on wisdom others missed. When others poked him with knowledge that Elijah would be leaving, Elisha kept his eye on the end game. Elisha knew Elijah would be taken, and Elisha wanted what no other man could give: the blessing of a double portion of the Spirit. Elijah, knowing he could not make that promise himself, left it up to God to decide. And God gave Elisha the portion.

Elisha sat under the teaching and work of one greater than himself. If he knew he would be the next prophet, he desired to get as much as possible from the one still with him. Elisha did not step in front of Elijah, nor did he set himself apart from Elijah. Elisha did not build his own platform to draw his own audience and set himself up as the next big thing. He humbled himself, learned, and observed from one greater than he.

Are you missing out on the opportunity to learn from one who goes before you in your calling? Ask God for His guidance now.

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