• 2 Kings 6:1-8:15

From chapter 6’s revelation of the unseen armies to chapter 8’s fulfillment of the passing of a famine, Elisha’s experiences show us time and again that there is just so much happening just beyond what we can see. It is easy to rely on our senses to determine what is real, but those senses are so very limited. As created beings, we cannot see those worlds beyond the limitations God placed on us. So when it seems God is asking for more faith than you can muster, put yourself in the place of one of Elisha’s men. Remember the wonder they experienced when God revealed Himself through Elisha’s words. Remember the awe at seeing the armies on the hilltop and witnessing the blinded eyes of the enemy. Remember the flabbergasted reaction when the prediction of flour prices came to pass.

You may not see with your own eyes, but use the eyes of those who’ve gone before. They saw miraculous works. And in faith, you can too.

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