• 1 Kings 3:1-4:34

Solomon’s asking for wisdom from the Lord happens in the most important of contexts. Every other time I read this text, I missed it. I felt the thrill of the Lord giving Solomon carte blanche to ask whatever he wanted. I understood the intensity of insight required for Solomon to consider his options. I imagined the smile on God’s face when Solomon asked for this good thing. And I saw the unintended consequences of God giving Solomon earthly riches as a result of his request for spiritual things.

But I missed everything that came before. I prayed for insight to know what to ask of the Lord. I bowed at the throne wondering what to ask. A re-reading of 1 Kings 3 shows all the preceded the unprecedented interaction.

“And Solomon loved the Lord, walking in the statutes of his father David…” –1 Kings 3:3, NKJV

Solomon held no super-powers. Though he carried his father’s striking looks, he still existed as just a man. The reason he knew what to ask for when the time came was because he had been walking with the Lord beforehand. Solomon was not great because of his request. His obedience to the Lord  created a fruit from it that knew to ask for wisdom. The fruit of obedience is insight we wouldn’t have any chance of having otherwise.

You may not know today what to answer. But you know how to obey. Take care of that which you know and that which is still unclear will come in due time.

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