• Proverbs 1:1-5:23

Wisdom. Get it, cries Solomon. Pursue it with all that you have. For its fruit is only good, wisdom’s results will only bring benefit. Dig for it. Search for it. Be careful where you walk. Be careful to whom you listen.  Psalm 1 compares us to a tree planted by a stream. That tree pulls up water and nutrients that help it to grow. Proverbs tells us wisdom remains the perfect nutrient for a content and understanding life.

Where have you planted your roots? Are you beside streams of wisdom and understanding? Or do you still dangle a little bit over that old life, dipping the toes just a little, and only on occasion. Every dip in the stagnant water draws up a little more death in every pull.

So which will you pull? The life-giving water of wisdom? Or the death-giving water of the old life. The results of each are clear. The decision is yours.

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