Oh dear one of God, you have completed quite the adventure in 19 weeks of study. Here you sit, having explored the blessed words of our Savior. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with Who He is, or overwhelmed at what you learned.

In my years of study and teaching, I have found the end of any study challenging. Where do you go from here? What did you learn, and how can you apply it? So I bring you my own brand of wrap-up: Endnotes.

This last week, you have one assignment.

Go through your journal from the beginning of this study. On a separate page, list out all the commitments you have made during this study.

Keep that page. Use it to remember the mighty ways the Spirit moved in your heart. See it as a quick reminder of those moments where you knew something needed to change, and you knew exactly what it was.

This is your summary, your opus, your lessons learned. Cherish what He has given to only you, as you alone are the only one of you in the world. He created you. He longs for you to have a life ever-closer to Him.

Thank you for spending these weeks with me. I pray God has given far more than my human mind could conceptualize.

Check back on June 3, 2013 for our next study, “Christianity: Plain & Simple”

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