• 2 Chronicles 27:1-28:27
  • 2 Kings 17:1-4

“..because they had forsaken the Lord…”  –2 Chronicles 28:6, ESV

When reading these accounts of the kings’ reigns of Israel and Judah, I often get wrapped up in the results. I notice what God gave or held back, where He delivered the people and where He allowed them to be taken by their enemies. I back-track to see what cause created this effect, trying to learn from their mistakes.

And yet, the highlighted phrase above stopped me. This is not new knowledge. I know that king after king did not follow God’s ways or when they did, they did not require the same of the people. I gloss over it, taking away the lesson of “follow God.” But forsaking is more than not following. Forsaking is so much bigger.

Forsaking is an active verb. Forsaking means God reached out, and the people went, “eh, yeah, no.” He offered to deliver, and the people begged of the same from another god. He promised a land to them, and still they made agreements with people they should have avoided. Time and again, God reached out, and the people walked away. It is more than simply not obeying. It is an active, intentional dismissing of God’s hand in their lives.

And I am humbled. May we never again forsake the gracious hand of God.

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