• 2 Kings 20:1-11
  • Isaiah 38:1:22
  • 2 Kings 20:12-19
  • Isaiah 39:1–8
  • Isaiah 36:1
  • 2 Kings 18:13-16

Hezekiah showed the enemy everything. Everything. In his own words, there was nothing in the house or the storehouse that remained hidden from the enemy. The enemy did not spy it out; Hezekiah provided a guided tour.

There are days when my self-deprecation acts the same way. When used skillfully, it can build bridges and tear down walls. However, when used without caution, it can simply lay bare all that one sees as their own weakness before they who may or may not be trustworthy to bear it. In the same way, a spilling tongue, speaking every insight, every prayerful thought can reap destruction. There are simply things God wants us to keep to ourselves. Being truthful does not require being without discernment. Not everyone should know everything about you. And you don’t need to know everything about everyone.

If we aren’t careful, we might find that like Hezekiah, the enemy may take our unwise openness and use it to ransack that which we laid bare before him.

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