• Isaiah 22:1-14
  • Isaiah 23:1-18
  • Isaiah 24:1-23

On social media, a current trend is called “pet shaming.” If you have seen it, you know what I mean. But if you have not, there is a trend where pet owners take a picture of their pet with a sign advertising its various choices. Signs such as: “I stole a sandwich then hid behind the bed and ate it.” or “I hid meat in the couch” or any one of the numerous things you can imagine pets doing litter the social media scene. Some bring laughs, some make you feel like you have the same pet. Broadcasting pets’ misdeeds has become a past time.

Sometimes we thing God will do the same thing to us. We know He knows what we do, but we ignore that reality for fear He will broadcast our shame. We avoid the one who will take away the shame for fear He will shame us more. We look at the lists of iniquities in passages like today’s and we fear God will list our iniquities for the world to see. But take heart! He tries and tries and tries to call us back. Even in the Isaiah passages, He reveals the iniquities to one of Israel’s own to call them back to obedience. It is only when they ignore that (again) that outsiders see the results of the iniquities.

He knows the shame you carry. And He sent His son to take that away. If you are in Christ, there is no shame, only repentance. Repent, turn, and be embraced by the One who sees all and wants you back. The distance is yours to create, not His. Release the shame and receive forgiveness.

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