• 2 Chronicles 33:1-35:19

What one king tore down, another built back up. The idolatry Josiah sought to destroy returned. Not just from one king to the next, but over and over in the history of Israel, the leadership could not be trusted to do the right thing. Tossed to and fro, the people’s national experience wavered more than a sock puppet on a string in a hurricane.

Sound familiar? We trust in kings, in presidents, and congress. We trust in bosses and pastors and teachers. We just want someone else to make the decisions for us. We want to blindly follow. But, praise God, He created us to crave. He created us to seek and create and decide. And He created us to desire peace.

When the seas of political or societal change crash to the shore, then ebb to the sea only to build up and crash to the shore again, what should we do? We are called to faithfulness regardless of those around us. And in the sea of chaos, it is the singular faithfulness to God, our individual daily connection with Him, that will calm the raging sea. Look at the sea and like Peter you will fall. Look at the Creator and you will walk on water.

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