• 2 Kings 15:1-7

Though Azariah followed in God’s ways, as king, he still allowed sacrifices to be made to other entities. His faithfulness garnered blessings, yet his apparent choice to not intervene in the idol worship of the people led to his leprosy. I will be the last person to say that all worldly blessing is a sign of heavenly obedience and sin is the only reason challenging times come…the absolute last person. In this case, however, that is what happened.

So what can we learn without getting our theology distorted? Azariah was a king uninvolved in ensuring his people were also following the Lord. He followed in God’s ways, but as a leader, he failed to interfere with the people’s worship of other gods. I see myself in this. We can get selfish in our pursuit of righteousness, leaving others to wallow in their sin, forgetting we have a people to whom we are called to minister. Jesus did not leave us here to think only of ourselves! He saved us that we can testify of His salvation to those who need it. Remember, the doctor does not come to the healed. The Great Physician came that those in need of healing would have hope. Share the hope.

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