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“Bless our God, O peoples; let the sound of His praise be heard” –Psalm 66:8, ESV

Praise must not be kept silent. Though worship happens in quiet, in whispers, in conversations, and in shouts, it must not be always silent. Sometimes there are no words, so silent adoration works. But we both know that is not 100% of our praise. In a world thirsty for meaning, we simply cannot be silent. Serving a God so magnificent, it is impossible to keep His work to ourselves. The Spirit is working; He cannot be hidden. Our Jesus saves..every day numbers are added to His church. Our God reigns, and His glory fills the earth.

Join the cacophony of praise. Raise your voice with the angels proclaiming our great God. Immerse yourself in Him and praises will pour forth. Count the cost and let your praise pour forth.

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