• Jeremiah 23:9-40
  • Jeremiah 18:18-20:18

The wailings of Jeremiah, communicating the disappointment of the Lord in the actions of His people, remains an uncomfortable series of scriptures. The prophets are not known for their proclamations of joy. Oh, there are proclamations of joy and the telling of the coming King of Israel. Fantastic prophecies abound. But so do those that declare the judgment of God.

For this I am both grateful and concerned. I express great gratitude that I am on this side of the cross, that I have accepted Jesus’ sacrifice to cover my sin, and that God welcomes me into His throne room as a beloved child. I read today’s scriptures and concern wells up within me. Do I really get how atrocious sin is in the sight of God? Do I feel the weight of the burden sin gives? Do I understand the disgusting stench of choosing wrong instead of right? I relish in the grace received. But do I really understand how big that grace is if I choose to overlook how wretched the sin is?

A comprehension of the true depravity of sin should drive me to my knees in worship for grace received and solidify commitment to righteousness.

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