• 2 Kings 24:5-9
  • Jeremiah 22:18-30
  • Jeremiah 13:15-27
  • 2 Kings 24:10-17
  • 2 Chronicles 36:5-10

“…in the sight of the Lord…”

The line by which the kings’ actions were judged was that given by God. No opinion polls or public satisfaction percentages matter when the eternal Judge counts your actions. It matters not that all the people around you understand why you did what you did. What matters is the judgment line of God.

The evil done by king after king of Israel may not have been judged as evil by the people of Israel. But God saw. And by God’s standard alone were those action measured. In the sight of the Lord the actions were good or evil. In the sight of the Lord, the king was mighty or mighty bad. In the sight of the Lord, the people prospered or were oppressed.

If you judge your actions by only the views of those around you, you are in mighty fine trouble. For it is the in the sight of God alone where you should seek assurance. Though a godly man or woman in your life may affirm, they, too are sinners. Make sure your life lived in the sight of the Lord follows Him. for it is the only view that matters.

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