• Jeremiah 27:1-11
  • Jeremiah 48:1-49:39

The judgment of the Lord is hard to read. The lines and lines of destruction and bedlam unleashed on a people become fearsome to imagine. But two little lines in this particular section of scripture belies the heart of the One providing the punishment.

“Therefore I wail…I cry out…I mourn…I weep for you…” –Jeremiah 48:31-32, ESV

Do not be deceived: the Father mourns the need for correction. he longs for his children to obey so that they know the riches of His kingdom. He knows that indulging in the sins and temptations of this world and our sin nature can do nothing but destroy us. They can do nothing but destroy us. And faced with the prospect of His people’s destruction by evil or needing to punish them to bring them back, He does the hard thing. And He weeps of its need. Do not be deceived. The Lord does not enjoy the correction. Come back to Him. Return to Him. He shares your pain and longs for your redemption. Come back.

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