• Jeremiah 25:15-28
  • Jeremiah 27:12-28:17

Jeremiah took the yoke on his back and prophesied that Israel would come under the rule of the king of Babylon or face famine and pestilence. Over and over again throughout this passage, the command seems odd. Come under the rule of a brutal, foreign king, or face even more brutal consequences.

And then…then comes the resolution. The yoke will only last a short time. And with Hananiah, the Lord reveals the yoke will be broken. But before the broken yoke comes the accepted yoke. Before deliverance comes humility. Before returning to the table of the Lord comes submission to one we would not choose.

Is the Lord asking you to submit to something that seems strange? Does it seem He asks you to submit to one who is evil? You may be in such a situation as Israel. Though you may not have prophets in your front yard enacting the yoke and breaking of the yoke, you may very well be under a prophesy of short-term humiliation before a long-term deliverance can come. You cannot always know. But you can know this: the Lord God will never lead you astray. Seek Him. Seek Him hard. Seek Him persistently. Keep seeking Him. For one day the yoke of oppression will be broken. And that day will be glorious.

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