• Jeremiah 50:1-51:64

Israel in captivity. Serving an evil kingdom, humbled under the rule of one beyond their own. Called to return to their Lord through the subjugation to an earthly king. Oppression pushes down day after day. You know jeering came, humiliation met them in the street.

And then the turn comes.

It is the moment when the broken-ankled gymnast takes the next vault…when the gladiator in the ring gets pummeled, and slowly, purposefully stands with the look of fire in his eyes. It is the moment the anthem starts quiet in the background and begins to build. You know stuff is about to go down. You know the whole momentum is shifting. The hairs on your arm stand up, you catch your breath and prepare yourself for the surprise of how it will all play out. It’s edge-of-your-seat moment when you know victory is certain though not yet delivered.

This is the turning moment for the people of Israel. But they are not the ones shifting. Their God has released the hand of the oppressor and stuff is about to do down. A heavenly deep breath, a glint in the eye, and the God Almighty of the people Israel is about to deliver all that is deserved. The people’s deliverance comes by the hand of the same One Who put them in captivity.

The turn has come. If a turn is coming in your life, prepare yourself, for you are about to see the magnificence of God deliver you. His sovereign love gives discipline. His righteous justice delivers you. Hold on for the turn, for it is coming.

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