• Habakkuk 1:1-3:19
  • 2 Kings 23:35-37

These chapters in Habakkuk reveal something beautiful about the relationship between God and His people. Habakkuk comes with a complaint, and the Lord answers that complaint. Habakkuk comes with another complaint. And the Lord answers that complaint as well. Back and forth, God engages in a conversation of explanation with one of His own. The Lord does not weary in His patience; He does not turn away from Habakkuk’s questions. He wants us to work with Him. he wants us to want to know. More than that, He wants us to want to know from Him.

God is honored when we trust Him with our questions. For in the very asking, bringing our questions to Him rather than anywhere else, reveals our heart that we trust His answer. Seeking His perspective and His face above all others shows our faith. Believing His response shows our trust in Him as Lord.

Don’t shy away from your questions. Take them to the One Who has the answers for your eternal soul.

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