• Ezekiel 38:1-39:29

What will it take for you to turn to the Lord? How many sermons? How much destruction? At what point will you finally admit you need Him? You already know it.

You may not be saved. Be saved. (I am guessing you already know how, but if you don’t, click the “salvation” tag at the end of this post for several posts on that topic.)

You may be saved and wandering. How is that working for you?

You may be saved and not wandering, but locked up in legalism. How has that approach manifest the fruit of the Spirit?

Whatever stage in your walk with Christ, whatever seasons you experience, He is calling you. Calling you deeper, calling you to more, calling you to the abundant life He promises. We are fallen humans; we will fall short time and again. What matters is what you do with the fall? Do you turn to Christ? Or do you continue to resist and, like the Israelites, suffer time and time again as God tries to call you.

He has your attention. What are you going to do with it?

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