• Ezekiel 29:17-21
  • Ezekiel 30:1-19

The Lord’s word to Ezekiel reveals His motivation for the destruction described. The people violated rule one: no other gods before Me. The reason for the destruction can sometimes get lost in reading proclamation after proclamation of doom and gloom.

Is idol worship that important? If God created us with free will, why would He be surprised at our penchant for seeking another god? Here’s the kicker: the people of God agreed to be the people of God. They chose to walk about under His banner. They affirmed their dedication to Him over and over. They accepted His blessing and sought His deliverance.

And then they worshiped something else. They broke the covenant. You and I break the covenant. And God knows that we are best suited for worshiping Him alone. He knows we will be torn apart by trying to worship anything other than Him. And so He warns us: He tries what is necessary to get our attention back where we committed it would be in the first place.

So before you pass judgment on God’s justice, think about the covenant we violate every time we put something as more important than He.

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