• Daniel 5:1-31

The king praised the gods of many things, but not the God Almighty. He lavished his people and drank from the cisterns. And when the hand of God wrote incomprehensible words on the wall, he called the people of those gods who gave him nothing. They could not read the writing nor interpret what it might mean. It was only when a man of the one true God was called, when Daniel was brought before the king, that the words could be understood.

We are so much the same. We honor ourselves and trust in our own devices. When those devices become confusing and we cannot tell what it all means, we go back to the god we were worshiping when the confusion came. If you have problems believing this, here is an example from my own life.

In a job search, I relied on my education, experience, and writing to secure interviews and eventually a new position. Over and over the applications were sent, and calls did not come. I reviewed the positions for which I applied and found them to be in-line with what should be getting phone calls. I wasn’t aiming to high or to far afield of my experience or expertise. I continued to apply, and asked colleagues with career advising expertise to review my documents. They affirmed I should be on track. More and more applications, no phone calls. More tailoring of the application materials, more editing of the resume, ensuring my online presence wouldn’t stand in the way. And on, and on, and on…

Do you see something missing? I decided to look for a new job because “it was time.” Not because God was leading me elsewhere. At a certain point, I then prayed about it. I received the call to look elsewhere, but only after I had already tried. I was backwards. Even then, I didn’t ask Him where I should be applying or what His will for my future might be. I didn’t seek His understanding because I was so intent on my own, so trusting in my own, that I didn’t see it as necessary.

When the phone doesn’t ring, that’s some writing on the wall. When the knowledge of man couldn’t interpret, that’s a signal. It became time to stop. To trust that He would direct. And then to ask Him to direct. And wait however long necessary for Him to give direction. For only in His leading and interpretation will anything good come from that process anyway.

Where are you relying on man before receiving direction from God? Stop trusting your idols. Trust me, there is no good fruit from it.

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