• Isaiah 40:1-41:29

“Who has measured the Spirit of the Lord, or what man shows Him his counsel?” –Isaiah 40:13, ESV

In all my Sunday School student experience, I realize the Spirit gets the short-end of the teaching stick. The very Spirit that resides in the believer’s soul is often overlooked for anything more than that. We don’t understand the Spirit. He seems mystic, untouchable. You can’t make a flannel-graph picture of the Spirit. He moves and works, and we cannot see Him come and go. Yet we see His effects. Jesus ascended to heaven so the Spirit could come. Jesus knew the Spirit was necessary for us to experience the abundant life promised in Ephesians. Though the Spirit may be the personage of God so much greater than our minds can imagine, trust the Jesus whose flannel-graph picture you did see. If He honors the Spirit’s work, then you can too.

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