• Proverbs 30:1-31:31
  • Job 1:1-2:13

We cannot know what happens in the halls of heaven. For Job, Satan came to God and pitched a case. God boasted of Job’s faithfulness and Satan asked permission to show God different. You know the story, or at least you have now read the first part of it. Here’s the part that is overlooked.

Job had NO IDEA the conversation was evening happening. As you will learn through the rest of the book of Job, he never learned it. God never revealed to Job what precipitated the destruction of his family. God engaged with Job, answered questions, and reasoned with him through the situation. But God never told Job of the conversation in the heavenly halls. On the mortal side of heaven, Job had no idea.

And neither do we. When life turns topsy-turvy, we can neither assume that we are Job nor assume that we are not. All we have is God’s directives. All we have on this side of the cross is the Holy Spirit. All we know is what the Word of God tells us we should be doing. On this side of heaven, we may never learn the how’s and the why’s of situations that happen. We can, however, know this: the God who was faithful to Job is faithful to you.

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