• Ezekiel 3:22-7:27
  • Ezekiel 29:1-16
  • Ezekiel 30:20-31:18

These chapters. I am desperately seeking some grain of positivity to grasp, some crumb of grace to which to cling and expound. But alas, sometimes judgment is all there is. And as I prayed for wisdom in what to teach here, He told me, “tell them it matters.”

It matters what you do. It matters whether you choose to accept the saving sacrifice of Jesus. Because if you don’t, your future will have judgment. This i not fire and brimstone, but far from it. My heart grieves at the thought of anyone facing the kind of judgment God describes. Please hear me: your life matters. Please hear God: He wants you for eternity. He seeks the best for your life. And what He offers is eternal depth, intimacy, and a richness of being known, a satisfaction in fulfilling your calling. If you choose Jesus yet keep sinning, it matters. For your saved spirit will war with the old self and you will be tired. Your seemingly small choices of righteousness matter. For small bits add up to big things, and in God’s economy that happens exponentially.

You may be starting from a point you think is far beyond saving. You are wrong. For the grace of God extends so far beyond wherever you think you are that He sees you as worth it. You are worth the cost. Jesus deemed you worth it for Him to die a horrendous death that you won’t have to face a horrendous eternity.

It matters. It matters.

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