• 2 Kings 25:4-7
  • Jeremiah 52:7-11
  • Jeremiah 39:1-7
  • 2 Kings 25:8-21
  • Jeremiah 52:12-27
  • Jeremiah 39:8-10

Captivity. Destruction. The people of God did not turn away from their deeds. I would normally call them “evil deeds,” and they were evil deeds. But I know too that in trying to spiritualize everything, we can lose sight of the realness of the situation. Yes, the deeds were evil, and they were the very same things we do every day. We do not rely on God. We tell Him we love Him then give our time, adoration, and attention to something…anything…else. We do the same things Israel did.

And because we do, God shares with us about the captivity of Israel. He could have hidden it. He could have decided to leave this ugly part out of the account. But He wanted us to know. He wanted us to know the destruction that takes place when we choose anything other than Him. Anything. Yes, loving your wife is a good thing. But loving her the way God intends would be so much more…more rich, more intimate, more glorious. Attempting it on your own is one thing. Attempting it under the authority and direction of God brings it to a whole other world. When life is lived according to how He designed it, there is just no comparison. The peace and satisfaction found in submitting to Christ so surpasses any other feeling we could have, it is called “surpassing understanding.” That nagging, aching piece that is missing is right before you. Take it. He longs for you to receive the gift He holds for you.

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