• Lamentations 4:1-5:22

As the title of this book implies, we are reading lament after lament after lament of the state of Israel. Terrible things lie in wait as horrendous things happen. Wave after wave of trouble comes. And though it is in response to the people’s sins, still they seek their God. Still He hears their cries. But the evidence of His hearing is not what one might think.

We can be so small-minded to think that the only “proof” that God hears our cries is His deliverance. We limit Him, thinking that only if He does what He is told, then we will believe He is listening. Oh, how our arrogance creates obstacles for us!

But this section of Lamentations holds nuggets of truth. Though the people have cried out for saving from these expereinces, the true redemption comes in one way:

“Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored!…” –Lamentations 5:21, ESV

Restoration and proof that God is listening does not always come in the deliverance for which we cry. When our heart changes to see that true deliverance is experienced in the very relationship with God, the torrential waves around us seem to matter less as we focus on the One who delivers our very soul.

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