Forest Sunrise

I awoke this morning and did what most of us do: I logged into social media. I saw a funny post from a friend who made “wellington” a verb (another story for another time). She and her husband were so fun to get to know while we lived in the same town. While he was finishing school, they prayed and prayed and prayed for what God would have for their future. Both with specialty degrees in a field that took a hit in the recession and she with an established job in the town where he was finishing school, they sought the Lord for His direction for their lives. We all sought the Lord on their behalf.

And something phenomenal came down as wisdom. He called them to leave the town and move across the country. No jobs, not even a place to live yet. The call so sure, those of us seeking the Lord with them knew it was His call for them as well. And like He does, God provided once they arrived.

This morning I asked God if that is what He would ask of me. I had specifically avoided that particular question in my seeking over the past few years. Up and leaving without some semblance of established security falls outside my comfort area. I would do it if He asked; after all, He has asked some pretty wild things of me in my life. So I bit the bullet and asked the avoided question.

Quickly, and so surely there was no doubt it was Him, the Lord saith unto me:

“Don’t be stupid.”

And I laughed. You see, the call of God can be specific or vague. It can be phenomenal or small. It can be many things. And one thing it always is is perfect for the person being called. The call my friend and her husband received was specific to them in that time and that place.

God provided so magnificently for my friends. And I want God’s provision, right? So I should do the same things they did? No. Yes, I should seek. I should pray. And I should ask for others to pray. Check. Check. Check. And then I should wait. Check. God will provide for me as He provided for them. But what that provision looks like and how it comes about may be wildly different.

If you are waiting on God, be smart. Understand that He has the call specifically for you. And wait for that call. Use the brain He gave you, use the faith He gave you, and use the community He gave you. Then use the call He gives you.

Don’t borrow from someone else’s call. There is a call for you as well. Seek Him and that will be revealed.

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