It is common that a person going through a study such as this makes commitments—to themselves, to God, to those around them.  And the next week, those commitments become a fading memory as the busyness of life presses in and takes over.

Do not let that happen this time.  Write down each of your commitments here.  They may be fresh on your heart, or you may need to flip back through the lessons to refresh your memory.  Regardless of the method, take the next few minutes and commit those commitments to paper.

Then, ask someone to help you remember.  In this age of technology, we have electronic reminders for everything.  I have a friend who set their phone to remind them to ask me how my writing is going—every Wednesday, I get a text of some sort or fashion, asking the question.  And I respond, every Wednesday, with the good, the bad, the motivation, or lack there-of.  It is not an exhaustive report, but it is just the little bit of accountability I need each week to keep going.  Knowing I will get that text makes me want to be able to share something.  And sometimes, it is the humility of admitting I hadn’t made much progress.  Regardless of my answer, that tiny little phone is used so my friend remembers to ask.  And because they ask, my writing progresses.

It doesn’t take much.  But it does take the commitment to a) actually commit to what you say you want to do, and b) asking for the help you need to do so.

With that, write out your commitments.

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