• Job 18:1-21
  • Job 19:1-29
  • Job 20:1-29
  • Job 21:1-34

Chapter 18 horrifies me. Not because Bildad was so incredibly wrong in his interpretation of events, but because his misinterpretation reflects times when I have been the same. Looking at a situation, I have declared this, that, and the other thing as though they “must” be true. He claims Job trusts in his tents. He claims Job’s unrighteousness. He proclaims that which he does not know in order to define a God beyond description.

And in the heaven lies, it was not Job’s unrighteousness that brought these things, but his righteousness. It was Job’s faithfulness that had God bragging about him. It was Job’s trust in the Lord Almighty that put him on the radar to prove Satan wrong. And though this may not be a radar we might choose, why wouldn’t it be? Yes, the times were horribly uncomfortable and confusing for Job, but look what resulted from it: Satan was shamed and Job drew closer to God.

Are you willing to accept whatever it takes to shame Satan and draw closer to God? Or would you trust in your tent and declare comfort your highest goal?

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