• 1 Chronicles 6:1-7:40

David appointed musicians for the temple. Aaron and his people offered sacrifices. Land was given to different group sod people in different areas. The people of God did not live in an all-out, individualized way. There were authorities and protocols. The people did not choose land based on their own desires, but were given land to build their lives with. The worship team was not self-selected, but appointed to their post.

Authority and reporting lines have their place in the church of God. Paul exhorts in the New Testament to honor those in authority over us, for God put them there. Even the evil master is to receive the honor due him for his position.

As we live this life, we must be careful to show respect to the systems God has put in place. In bringing about change, we must show deference to those in authority over us. And we must show grace to those over whom we have authority. Bringing about change does not mean being disrespectful. It means understanding the context in which situations arise. It means treating others with respect. It means listening more than speaking. And it means holding our tongue until the appropriate time.

Respect will advance enduring change. Humble yourself under the authority of God, trust His lead for pushing initiatives forward, and see the way He paves.

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