• Esther 1:1-22
  • Esther 2:1-23

Esther’s life hadn’t gone exactly how she would have dreamed. Her parents died, so she was raised by her uncle. She was taken from that home to serve in a king’s harem. Likely a teenager, Esther kept the lessons she learned from Mordecai. She kept quiet her heritage as instructed by Mordecai.

She grew up, raised by a wise, God-fearing man. She could likely recognize wisdom when she saw it. And she recognized it in the eunuch Hegai. She knew that others could advise her better than she could imagine on her own. Her God-fearing uncle was an easy identification. But in her ten months in the harem, she isolated onto Hegai, recognizing him for the knowledge and wisdom he held regarding the king and the king’s preferences. She sought his advice, and told others she would bring nothing with her except that which he advised.

Esther didn’t seek to live life alone. She sought out wise counsel. And in the end, the counsel of Mordecai to keep her heritage quiet allowed her into a position to influence the king. The counsel of Hegai accomplished the same. Because she knew wisdom when she saw it, she gained counsel others did not have.

Identifying wisdom means being clear on the source of wisdom. If you believe God is the all-knowing, Almighty, Creator, and justifier of our faith, then He is the source of wisdom. Anything that aligns with His truth and His will is something to seek. Deliberate consideration of wisdom may not only preserve your life, like Esther, it could lead to the deliverance of an entire people.

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