• Job 22:1-30
  • Job 23:1-24:25
  • Job 25:1-6

Chapters 23 and 24 strike me as an example of the troubled one’s prayer. There is much in Job’s heart and mind over which he feels confusion and even heartbreak. He wonders whether God is present and whether the Lord has turned His back. He sets out his concerns and gets them out of the way in chapter 23.

Then Chapter 24 comes and the tide turns. Without the obstacles of personal feelings and thoughts, Job reminds himself of Who the Lord really is. Verse after verse, Job declares the myriad ways the Lord shows HIs faithfulness to His people. These reminders appear all throughout scripture, from the rocks in the Jordan to the rocks next to the Jordan. Remembrances of all the Lord has done for His people.

He knows we need to remember. He gives moments or even items to help up remember His faithfulness. He knows our mortal minds get in the way, so He hears our concerns. He does not shrink at our confusion or condemn us for wondering at the events around us. As Job shows, sometimes you need to get the mortal obstacles out of the way in order to prepare your heart to remember God’s faithfulness.

If you need a reminder, first admit all that stands in the way. Prepare the way for the Lord to show you His mighty hand.

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